LPZLincoln Park Zoo (Chicago, IL)
LPZLandelijke Prevalentiemeting Zorgproblemen (Dutch: Rural Prevalence Care Issues)
LPZLesion Projection Zone
LPZLow-Population Zone
LPZLightning Protection Zone
LPZLate Pronuclear Zygotes (genetics)
LPZLateral Palisade Zone (neurology)
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of passive elements 4 2 2/3 Type of active CCII- OTA OTA element(s) Type of control B [g.sub.m] [g.sub.m] Operation mode VM VM VM Available transfer AP, BS AP, BP, BS, AP, BP, BS, functions (2nd order if HP, LP, HPZ, HP, LP, HPZ, not indicated) LPZ LPZ Ref No.
We also collected retrospective data from our previous study of a 7-day PPI (LPZ) or esomeprazole (ESO/CAM/MNZ [PCM]) regimen in patients with penicillin allergy for comparison.
The patients in PPI group received rabeprazole (RPZ) 20 mg, AMX 750 mg, and CLR 200 mg or 400 mg twice daily for 7 days or LPZ 30 mg, AMX 750 mg, and CLR 400 mg twice daily for 7 day.
Significant differences in histopathologic damage score were found between the stress and stress + parsley-added diet groups (p<0.05), the stress and stress + standard diet groups (p<0.05), and the stress and stress + LPZ groups (p<0.05).
Using the LPZ criteria, 24 per cent were actually malnourished, ie their body mass index (BMI) was less than 20, or their BMI was between 21-23, combined with the fact they had not eaten or had hardly eaten for three days, or they were experiencing unintentional weight loss of more than 6kg in the last six months or 3kg in the last month.
pylori are achieved by triple therapy consisting of a combination of two antibiotics [amoxicillin (AMC), clarithromycin (CAM), tinidazole (TNZ) and metronidazole (MNZ)] and one proton pump inhibitor (PPI) [omeprazole (OPZ), lansoprazole (LPZ), pantoprazole (PPZ) or rabeprazole (RPZ)].
The AquaPruf LPZ Series Platform provides a high level of sanitation with virtually no spillage of product on incline or decline applications.
De cada arvore foi cortada uma tora de 2,30 m de comprimento sendo as mesmas levadas para o desdobro em serra de fita na serraria LPZ Artefatos de Madeira LTDA, na cidade de Pirai-RJ, distante aproximadamente 50km do local do plantio.
For vertical conveyor applications that call for an extremely high level of sanitation, the AquaPruf LPZ Series platform is offered.
Specimens of the following herbaria were revised: B, BA, BM, BOLV, BR, BSB, CORD, CUZ, E, F, FR, G, GB, GOET, HBG, GH, HUSA, HUT, IBBA, K, L, LIL, LPB, LPZ, M, MA, MICH, MO, MSB, NY, OXF, P, PR, PRC, S, SI, SGO, TRIER, TUEB, UC, UMSS, U, US, USM, W, WU, Z, plus the online type collections of the Field Museum of Natural History (F, fm1.fieldmuseum.org/vrrc/index.php), New York Botanical Gardens (NY, www.nybg.org/bsci/herb/), Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (US, ravenel.si.edu/botany/types/) and the Herbarium of the University of Vienna (WU, herbarium.univie.
The new specialty belts are applicable on Dorner's full range of conveyors, including the 2100, 3100, LPZ and 6100 Series.
Belted LPZ, modular belt LPZ and positive drive models will be available in the coming months.