LQALuqa (postal locality, Malta)
LQALiving Quarters Allowance
LQALink Quality Analysis (radio communications; digital automatic link establishment)
LQALine Quality Analysis
LQALatest Quarter Annualized
LQALinguistic Quality Audit
LQALaser Quest Association (forum)
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Bloomberg LQA provides a standard methodology for calculating liquidity risk across asset classes.
You can now add another layer to LQA scoring which helps in having different weightages based on the content type.
Audit Approval Workflow - Extended customizable workflow for project managers and quality leads to be able to approve the LQA for a project before releasing it to the localization vendor or the customer.
As LQA champions of Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre, the finance team will go on to represent our property in the Kempinski Regional Middle East and Africa LQA Olympics 2012, facing the winning teams from 15 other properties throughout the region.
After four rounds of questions covering LQA standards, Global Hotel Alliance, the London Olympics and Kempinski Hotels, the teams from the front office and finance departments battled it out for the title.
LQA had 17% in the top section, LQB had 35%, there was 39% at LQC, NCC had 23%, NCD was found to contain 50%, and NCE had 33% (Table 1).
Sediment was most similar between stations LQA, LQB, LQC, and NCD, which are all stations in bay margin areas.
Bloomberg LQA provides risk managers, portfolio managers, traders and compliance officers with a standard definition of liquidity and a consistent approach to measuring the expected cost of liquidation for a specific volume of securities, and a desired time horizon.
Based on their feedback the hotel's management team then develops a training plan to ensure that we meet and exceed the standards set by LQA.
l take pride in having achieved an 89% rating with LQA, which is the highest ranking in Cairo.
In contrast to more typical uses of LQAS to assess the vaccination coverage in a larger geographic area, LQAS is used here for testing a hypothesis that a site has a cluster of unvaccinated children (11).
Another recommendation was to adapt the GAPS methodology, particularly the LQAS elements, for use in testing hypotheses about the quality of other aspects of vaccination programmes, such as the quality of documentation, the cold-chain and supplies, and vaccinator's techniques.