LQCLarge Quantity Commodities
LQCLoop Quantum Cosmology
LQCLine Quality Control
LQCLink Quality Control
LQCLight Quantum Control (climatic management system; Binder)
LQCLaboratory Quality Control
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Although the traditional LQC may remain the most widely used method, the CLIA regulations have popularized alternative methods.
The manufacturers attempt to control their systems with LQC, EQC, OBC, internal fail-safe mechanisms, temperature monitors, humidity monitors, and other innovative techniques.
LQA had 17% in the top section, LQB had 35%, there was 39% at LQC, NCC had 23%, NCD was found to contain 50%, and NCE had 33% (Table 1).
The Company's shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol LQC.
Major findings of this research include: (1) LQCs highlight the specialization of crime and can be effectively used for GIS-based visualization and statistical analysis of crime; (2) the North Omaha and the downtown areas (high-crime districts) have relatively higher occurrences of violent crime and diversified structure of crimes while west Omaha (low crime districts) has a relatively specialized crime structure that is dominated by property crimes; (3) a modest proportion of the variance of crimes can be significantly explained by the statistical models.