LQCLighter, Quicker, Cheaper (development strategy)
LQCLarge Quantity Commodities
LQCLoop Quantum Cosmology
LQCLine Quality Control
LQCLiquid Coin (virtual currency; gaming)
LQCLink Quality Control
LQCLight Quantum Control (climatic management system; Binder)
LQCLaboratory Quality Control
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Intraday precision and accuracy were assessed at the lower, middle, high, and lower limit of quantification quality control samples LQC, MQC, HQC, and LLOQ in six replicates for both of the analytes, while interday precision and accuracy were assessed for three consecutive days by using quality control samples.
Coppinger Speaking of Hurwood's police interviews, LQC Mallett, said at points he "blatantly lied" and made "scurrilous allegations" regarding the complainants and the police force and denied the majority of the allegations.
Private equity firm Rock Hill Capital Group reported on Monday the completion of a majority recapitalisation of LQC Pipe and Supply LLC (LQC) based in Houston, Texas, USA.
Recovery of cinitapride was evaluated by comparing the detector response of cinitapride in three quality control samples (LQC, MQC, and HQC) with the response of the same concentration in methanolic solutions.
At four different quality control levels (LLOQQC, LQC, MQC, and HQC, n=12) within day (intrabatch) and between day (interbatch, n=24) precision and accuracy of TMD, GBP was evaluated by calculating the %CV and %accuracy.
Autosampler (wet extract), bench top (at room temperature), and freeze-thaw (at -20[degrees]C and -70[degrees]C) and long-term stability (at -20[degrees]C and -70[degrees]C) were performed at LQC and HQC level using six replicates.
Equipment includes the Inline Pig Sensor, Specialized Pig Launchers and Receivers (PLR) with Hiltap's LQC Closure, inline Pig Tees, elbows, specialized Hiltap fittings, and the efficient wiping SUD and VIPRS Pigs.
Prior to 1992, when the implementation of the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) became effective, the most popular PT quality control mechanism was an assayed liquid quality control (LQC) material tested in the same manner as a patient specimen.
The stations in La Quinta Channel are LQA (2.5 m), LQB (1.8 m), and LQC (2.5 m) (Fig.
Three different concentrations of quality control (QC) samples were prepared as LQC (20 ng/mL), MQC (160 ng/mL), and HQC (1280 ng/mL).
We also show that gravitational phase transition maybe associated with the deformation of general covariance, recently observed in the context of Loop Quantum Cosmology (LQC).
Quality control (QC) samples, denoted as LQC, MQC, and HQC, containing 1.0, 100.0, and 1000.0 ng/mL of FLX, RIS, and 9-OH-RIS, respectively, were prepared.