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LQFPLow Profile Quad Flat Pack
LQFPLow-profile Quad Flat Package
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To showcase the capability of its XDR memory architecture to operate at multi-gigabit data rates in an ultra low-cost package, Rambus has implemented an XDR memory controller in an LQFP package that can operate reliably at data rates of up to 3.
3V respectively, is provided in a space efficient 80-pin LQFP package and is specified for commercial temperature range operation (0-70C).
Maximum design flexibility is supported with 3 analog inputs, 2 UART ports, I2C serial control, 5V LCD charge pump, up to 12 DIO pins, an in-system programmable FLASH, real time clock (RTC), 64KB FLASH, internal 128 segment LCD driver, and a high precision voltage reference to enable high accuracy and low cost solutions in a highly integrated 64-pin LQFP package.