LQLLower Quantifiable Limit (measurement)
LQLLaughing Quite Loudly
LQLLogical Query Language (computing)
LQLLimited Quality Level
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Suppose that the AQL and LQL values are given as, p1 = 1%, p2 = 6%, with = 5% and = 10% and the estimated value of m=25.
Here we consider three values of the shape parameter, namely 5, 50 and 150 for some selected combinations of AQL and LQL values.
Table 7: Lot Acceptance Probabilities of the Proposed Plan at AQL and LQL for Different Shape Parameters when m 0 =10.
According to the company, the LQL license (SW20014) is a natural extension of RTW s range of innovative software options for the 7- and 9-inch line of TouchMonitor audio meters.
The company informed that the new PC software is free of charge to users, but the SW20014 LQL license is required to allow a TM7, TMR7 or TM9 series meter to be compatible with data export and additional display functions.
Values for the other measured analytes (CC, TC, CN, HC, HE, DDT, PCB) are not reported because fewer than 10 persons total had values greater than the LQL and these were distributed among all exposure groups.