LQMLifecycle Quality Management
LQMLink Quality Monitoring
LQMLand Quality Management Ltd (UK)
LQMLogos Query Manager (software)
LQMLayered Queuing Model
LQMLiving Quarters Module
LQMLaughing Quietly to Myself (also seen as LQTM)
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which asserts that the slope of the LQM firm's [Lw.
and the LQM firm, like the LXM firm, produces a lesser quantity of a lower quality product than its PM twin.
1], and the LQM firm produces a higher quantity of a lower quality product than does the LXM firm.
The effects of a change in fixed cost on the LQM firm's quality and quantity of output may be determined by totally differentiating the first-order conditions in (4a) and (4b) regarding F and solving simultaneously to obtain:
That is, the LQM firm increases quality (hence, the size of the quality-enhancing membership) when fixed costs increase.
That is, an upward shift in demand unambiguously reduces LQM product quality and increases quantity.
xq] [greater than] 0, it is possible to conclude that the LXQM firm produces a lower output of a lower quality product than of its PM, LXM, and LQM twins.
This is a significant step in our vision for Software Delivery Optimization, and it is what our LQM solution is built to achieve.
LQM is one of the four holistic solutions that Borland offers to make software delivery a more manageable, efficient and predictable business process.
Therefore, the Borland LQM solution packages process consulting and educational services to refine and institutionalize a process that can help companies effectively plan, verify, validate, manage and improve software quality.
Borland's LQM solution specifically helps to align and support the following processes:
The Borland LQM solution is available now, with the exception of Gauntlet.