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LQRLinear Quadratic Regulator
LQRLink Quality Report
LQRLaw Quarterly Review (Sweet & Maxwell periodical; UK)
LQRLow Quality Roughages
LQRLocal Qualitative Radio
LQRLower Quartile Ranking
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LQR controller is usually designed at an operation point and provide a good performance around the operation point.
The switching surface of SMC has been designed using a LQR technique.
5 Configuration of Simulation 4--Applying the LQR as a Predictor
According to rise time and settling time adaptive LQR controller produces better response when compared to other controllers.
To apply the LQR, (34) can be factorized in a linear-like structure as
New robust control analysis methodology for Lynx helicopter and Cessna Citation X aircraft using Guardian Maps, Genetic Algorithms and LQR theories combinations," American Helicopter Society AHS 70th Annual Forum, Montreal, Quebec, 2014.
Project Managers can use KantanLQR to create fully customisable LQR (Language Quality Review) projects as part of a managed workflow that automatically distributes translated segments to selected reviewers.
89) Roy Goode, "Perpetual Trustee and Flip Clauses in Swap Transactions" (2011) 127 LQR 1 at 8 [Goode, "Perpetual Trustee"], citing Re King's Trust (1892) 29 LR IR 201 at 410, Porter MR.
Table 1: Explanation of variables Varialbles Symbol Equation Return on Equity ROE Net income/Total Equity Non performing loans rate NPL Non-Performing Loans/Total Loans Liquidity risk LQR Deposit to Loans ratio Total loans LN Gross Domestic Product GDP Inflation INF Table 2: Hypothesis List Null Hypothesis Alternative hypothesis H0- There exist no relationship between NPL Ha- There exist relationship between NPL Ratio and profitability.
Comparative Assesment using LQR and Fuzzy Logic Controller for a Pitch Control System", European Journal of Scientific Research, 42(2): 184-194.