LQSLower Quartile Solutions (mining consulting; Gauteng, South Africa)
LQSLanguage Quality Services (translation auditing; Lionbridge)
LQSLocal Queue Storage
LQSLaser-Quality Speed
LQSLicense Query System (various states; database)
LQSLack of Qualified Staff
LQSLaboratory Quality Sample
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The new device features the Leister Quality System (LQS), which enables the operator to know everything about what his Geostar does and has done - at all times, says Engineer Owais Athar, team leader - Leister, at BMC Gulf, the Swiss firm's sales and service partner in the UAE.
In the light of progress about LQs, we calculate the differential branching ratio and lepton forward-backward asymmetry corresponding to [[LAMBDA].sub.b] [right arrow] [LAMBDA][l.sup.+][l.sup.-], [ [SIGMA] .sub.b] [right arrow] [SIGMA][l.sup.+][l.sup.-], and [[XI].sub.b] - [XI] [l.sup.+][l.sup.-] processes in a scalar LQ model.
To do this, we use location quotients (LQs) to identify whether, based on employment share, an industry is either more or less concentrated in a given metropolitan statistical area (MSA) than nationally.
It is important to notice that students were not informed that the KQs were related with the LQs. The script also provided guidance on the roles (author and reviewer) that the students had to follow during the two LQs.
The Intertek SHIPCARE Marine Services programme with three service components, Bunker Fuel Quality Testing, Bunker Quantity Survey Reports (BQS) and Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) that is known as Lubricant Quality Scanning (LQS) as well, managed by Intertek experts efficiently tests bunker fuel and lowers damage to ship engines, costly downtime and repairs and helps avoid regulatory fines that impact profits for ship-owners and fleet managers.
Of the seven industry groups with LQs that increased bettween 2000 and 2008, five actually lost jobs over the 8-year period.
In addition, its LQS Group, an independent division of Lionbridge Localization Group, will perform a full review and audit of all translations from a variety of sources.
The mean of LQs for hand, foot, eye, and ear preferences of the schizophrenic, depressed, and NC groups are given in table 1.
An LQ of 1 means that a particular industry has exactly the same presence locally as it does in the national economy--while LQs greater than 1 indicate greater concentration.
By applying Enright's (1990) C4EMP and C8EMP, supported by location quotients (LQs) to measure geographic concentration, Oz identified the top 100 Turkish industries from 231 sectors of the economy.
Caleb Brett's fuel testing expertise was also augmented with the acquisitions of Lintec Testing Services for 3.0 million [pounds sterling] ($5.5 million) and Lubricant Quality Scan (LQS) for 0.4 million [pounds sterling] ($0.7 million).