LQSLower Quartile Solutions (mining consulting; Gauteng, South Africa)
LQSLanguage Quality Services (translation auditing; Lionbridge)
LQSLocal Queue Storage
LQSLaser-Quality Speed
LQSLicense Query System (various states; database)
LQSLack of Qualified Staff
LQSLaboratory Quality Sample
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The Geostar G7 LQS features a digital display of pressure, speed, temperature and mains voltage and welding protocols; it easily creates DVS reports and provides protection from falsification.
The LQS app is available free of charge through the app store and provides an easy synchronisation of welding data from Geostar to a notebook or mobile device.
With the exception of the intermediate precision estimate for S-(+)-MDA in the LQS sample, all CVs were <10% with the majority of CVs <5% (Table 3).
The corresponding data for the LQS sample (Table 3), which contained the analytes at concentration corresponding to the lowest points of the calibration curves, easily fulfilled these criteria.
4] Nonstandard abbreviations: MDA, 3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine; MDMA, 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine; MDEA, 3,4-methylenedioxyethylamphetamine; NICI, negative-ion chemical ionization; GC-MS, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry; S-HFBPCl, S-(-)-N-heptafluorobutyrylprolyl chloride; LOD, limit of detection; IS, internal standard(s); SPE, solid-phase extraction; AT, Agllent Technologies; QC, quality control; ACR, above calibration range sample; LQS, limit of quantification sample; AM, amphetamine; MA, methamphetamine; CI, confidence interval; LOQ, limit of quantification; and HFBP, heptafluorobutyrylprolyl.
CUADRO 3 Estadisticas descriptivas de las variables explicativas de la eficiencia tecnica (1992-2001) Departamento Promedio LQS Ln(densidad) Localizacion Antioquia 2.
All races will be approximately 100 kilometers and have been vetted by LQS Technical Director Dave Wiens, a six-time LT100 champion and member of the Mountain Biking Hall of Fame.
The second LQS race will traverse the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains, past vistas overlooking Lake Tahoe, one of the biggest and cleanest alpine lakes in the world.
The final race in the LQS, the "last hard ride before Leadville," will be a challenging route though some of the most beautiful terrain in Colorado at the height of wildflower season.
The LQS specification bridges the gap between today's applications and modern coding systems, putting the advanced capabilities of second and third generation coding schemes within the reach of current application programs and technology," explained Harold Solbrig, software development specialist, Advanced Technology Research Group, 3M Health Information Systems.
The LQS will significantly lower the learning curve and cost to fully utilize the contents of today's coding and classification schemes within medical record systems as well as provide a framework on which future coding schemes may be based.