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LR5Ligand-Binding Repeat (cholesterol medicine)
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The James Fisher Rescue Service LR5 Submersible was mobilised from its base at Henderson, WA, flown by RF 86 Wing C17 Globemaster to the east coast and then embarked on Australian Defence Vessel (ADV) Ocean Shield.
As unidades de solo LE2, LE3, LR1, LR2, LR4, LR5 e LR7 apresentaram os maiores valores de comprimento de vertente e menor amplitude altimetrica, ou seja, ocorre a queda de 1 m no terreno a cada 32,7 m de comprimento.
Russian delays in accepting foreign help meant the crew had died before the LR5 was cleared to dive.
They frequently train alongside the other LR5 pilot, Sam Sampson, who has not served in the forces.
Another British team, the crew and support staff of the rescue submersible the LR5, also went to the scene of the disaster, though ultimately their services were not used.
A hoped-for rescue bid by Britain's LR5 mini-sub was called off.
Nick Gilbert, aged 34, is a communications officer with the Scottish firm Rumic, which operates the LR5 mini-sub sent out to Norway to help with the rescue.
The LR5 rescue submersible had never been used in a real rescue before yesterday's operation.
Led by two Royal Navy officers, the British team hoped to use their LR5 submersible in a last-ditch attempt to rescue any survivors.
The Renfrew-based LR5 rescue sub was yesterday on its way home without even putting to sea in the crisis.
The team commander, Commodore David Russell, said there was an "overwhelming feeling of sadness" on board the Normand Pioneer charter ship as they headed back to Trondheim in Norway with the LR5 mini-submarine.
A possible rescue by Britain's LR5 mini-sub was called off yesterday.