LRAPLoan Repayment Assistance Program
LRAPLong Route Analysis Program
LRAPLandfill Remediation Assessment Program (Department of Local Government, Planning, Sport and Recreation; Queensland, Australia)
LRAPLeucine-Rich Amelogenin Polypeptide
LRAPLong Range Action Plan
LRAPLong-Range Acoustic Propagation
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Griffin were through federal IBR and PSLF programs; although Ohio offers a state LRAP, public defenders are not eligible.
Some LRAPs are administered by the slate bar association, while others are administered by non-profit organizations.
All of us really saw the LRAP as a way to help the law school fulfill its mission, as the only public law school in the state, to produce law grads that could be advocates for Oregonians who are underrepresented in the legal system and create public servants who are creative and talented and aren't hamstrung by their own debt load," she said.
The ERGM and LRAP programs, which use similar technology, also have completed several successful tests in the past two years.
One thing the group found that seemed to work was the LRAP program.
Thomas University School of Law began their LRAP program this past December/January and are in the second round of applications.
Following that same philosophy, The Florida Bar Foundation has found great success with its LRAP program.
If you have $1,000 per month in loan payments alone, it can be tough to work at a place that pays $35,000 to $40,000 per year," said Wallace, who said he found the Bar Foundation's LRAP program to be very well managed.
This funding, said the students, would allow them to live on the lower salaries offered by most legal aid providers or while in a public interest fellowship, in the event they are not eligible for one of the LRAPs.
Among the 326 public interest and government employers from all 50 states and the District of Columbia who responded to the survey, 82 percent reported LRAPs are an effective recruiting tool and 67 percent said the programs aid in retention of employees.