LRAPALane Regional Air Protection Agency (formerly Lane Regional Air Pollution Authority)
LRAPALady Richborough Academy of Performing Arts (UK)
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Under the program, LRAPA plans to install 10 of the Willis APU systems per month on qualifying trucks, leasing the APU to truck operators with the option to buy.
The directors of LRAPA also raised fees charged for slash burning on land not regulated by the Oregon Department of Forestry.
Eugene and Florence have year-round bans on debris burning, according to LRAPA.
LRAPA officials take into account the size of the fire, the burning history of the person who lit it and other factors.
You'll really see a difference on Saturday," LRAPA spokeswoman Jo Niehaus said.
Merlyn Hough, the director of LRAPA, said Tuesday that the fine particles hanging in the air throughout Lane County can be inhaled deep into the lungs and even enter into the blood stream more easily than coarse particulate matter, such as dust from field plowing.
At no time may the open burning of railroad ties be conducted," LRAPA compliance officer John Morrissey wrote in a notice of civil penalty he signed in early May.
The average residential open burning fine runs about $300, depending upon the size of the fire and materials being burned," said Jo Niehaus, LRAPA spokeswoman.
People, especially those with pre-existing health issues, may experience coughing, chest pain, throat irritation and reduced lung function," LRAPA spokeswoman Jo Niehaus said.
LRAPA Director Merlyn Hough said one problem with the American Lung Association's annual report is that it takes data from the troubled Oakridge airshed, which covers a remote area with only 1 percent of Lane County's population, and lets those numbers significantly shape the county's overall pollution rating.
She said LRAPA sent out a field officer to investigate, but the agency can't take any action because the source of the smoke is outside its jurisdiction.
Residents who use backyard burning should have kept their burn piles covered from the winter rains so that they are dry, LRAPA said.