LRASLong Run Aggregate Supply (economics)
LRASLong Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System
LRASLong Range Acquisition System (imaging device)
LRASLarge Routing Area Support
LRASLogistics Requirements Allocation Sheets
LRASLong Range Aggregate Supply
LRASLatent Recently Acquired Syphilis (sexually transmitted disease)
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(245.) For a rich discussion of LRAs, see generally C.
The goal of this research was to compare the performance of single-pump FOPAs and LRAs in exactly the same operating conditions, aiming to determine which of these two amplifier types generates less signal impairments.
This new system can only be accessed by first-time OFWs in need of passport by using a username and password to be provided by the 170 LRAs accredited by both the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and the DFA.
Ontario, for example, adopted some clauses almost verbatim from the federal LRA. Nova Scotia, copied much of the Ontario act, while lifting its preamble from the federal act.
The challenges are still significant; maturity (read reliability, scalability and price-point) of many emerging haptics is still far from adequate for adoption, and worst of all, it's the same incumbent haptics (ERM motors and LRAs) that they'll have to replace.
BCCA: British Columbia Cancer Agency BCCSP: British Columbia Colon Screening Program CPAC: Canadian Partnership Against Cancer CRC: Colorectal cancer CSPY: Colonoscopy FIT: Fecal immunochemical test HRA: High-risk adenoma LRA: Low-risk adenoma MLRA: Multiple low-risk adenomas N: Number PPV: Positive predictive value.
" A Farmers' Union of Wales spokesman said: e English authorities believe that, on average, cattle purchased from its low-risk area represent the lowest possible risk, whereas the Welsh Government believes purchases from the LRA are more risky due to the lower testing frequency.
Functional and predictive measures of loss of tolerance to food and environmental chemicals can now be determined by lymphocyte response assays (LRA by ELISA/ACT) that are among the breakthroughs included in this personalized approach to risk reduction.
that passed the initial screening were kept on the LRA only if they met
Soldier) in a deployed BCT who needs a SIPRNet Token issued will go to their local company or battalion ETA/TA, or an LRA at brigade, division, or corps, and submit a request for SIPRNet access.
As "LRAs [local and regional authorities] still play only a minor role [...] this has to be rectified and their role as major stakeholders properly recognised," the conclusions read.