LRAS3Long-Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System
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Ml-series lank, Bradley, Paladin, LRAS3 and DSESTS' SLV software are slated to become compatible with Windows 7 OS by March 2014 and Stryker by March 2015.
The Long-Range Advance Scout Surveillance System (LRAS3) is a long-range multisensor system for the U.S.
Also in the works in Bowman's shop is the 3rd generation LRAS3, to be tested in 2006.
DRS-produced HTI components are also used in LRAS3 for scout vehicles.
The Reconnaissance Troops provide conventional ground reconnaissance enhanced with LRAS3 sensors and organic mortars for self-protection.
The LRAS3 consists of an SGF with long-range optics, an eye-safe laser rangefinder, a day video camera, and a global positioning system (GPS) with altitude determination.
An additional HTI SGF application is the man-portable LRAS3. After FY04, the LRAS3 is also getting a Laser Designation Module (LDM) upgrade, which will also see service on the Stryker Fire Support Vehicle and the M707 Knight.
DRS Technology has received a contract to provide Long Range Advance Scout Surveillance Systems (LRAS3) for the US Army's High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles.
You need the electronic equipment installation kit that comes with NSN 589-01567-0814 to mount the LRAS3 on the M1114 and M1151A1.
The current standard-issue forcible entry mounted platoon vehicle platform (the M1151/M1167 variant HMMWV) in the reconnaissance squadron is incompatible with the Long-Range Advance Scout Surveillance System (LRAS3) and the Improved Target Acquisition System (1TAS).
However, vehicles such as the Canadian Army Coyote equipped with its full suite of sensors (including a radar), the German and Dutch Fennek, the Humvee equipped with Raytheon's Lras3, and many others, were specifically conceived for recce/surveillance roles.
Another technology the 3rd ID will take to Iraq is the long-range advanced scout surveillance system, or LRAS3.