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LRBLaboratory Reagent Blank
LRBLightning Rod Ball
LRBLaboratory of Radiation Biology
LRBLyndall Racing Brakes, LLC (for motorcycles)
LRBLove, Respect, Brotherhood (motorcycle club)
LRBLight Resin Bonded (mattresses)
LRBLower Reliability Bound
LRBLeast Reliable Bit
LRBLondon Review of Books (also seen as LROB)
LRBLabor Relations Board
LRBLiquid Refreshment Beverage (industry category)
LRBLonesome River Band
LRBLicense Review Board
LRBLove Runs Blind (band)
LRBLiquid Rocket Booster
LRBLittle River Band
LRBLegislative Reference Bureau
LRBLittle Red Button (typically reset on the back of a computer)
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Four-point bending fatigue tests were conducted for the following five categories of samples: (i) NRB (No Roll Burnishing), (ii) LRB (Low Roll Burnishing), (iii) HRB (High Roll Burnishing), (iv) LRB samples that were stress relieved at 500 [degrees]C for 50 hrs.
The free wedding prize will be produced by LRB Productions and includes all the essential services from top NY-metro wedding vendors including:
Combined configuration of HDRB and LRB is modelled to explore the isolation viability.
Three bands LRB (Bangladesh), Strings (Pakistan) and Advaita (India) displaying their variety of musical brilliance for about 90-minutes, sending the audience into raptures.
LRB Plumbing & Heating Ltd is a local company run by Lee Barker and his wife Tanya.
Paul Berrettini (above left) president and owner of LRB Distributors, Inc.
Para el presente trabajo, se realizaran los estudios pertinentes para tres tipos de aisladores, el HDRB, el LRB y el FPS.
Existing attributes of biophysical settings of Langat River Basin (LRB) indicates that policy outcomes still remained significantly short of policy intentions in terms of IRBM in LRB.
Litmus LLC was founded in Little Rock by Mark Diggs in 2002, and LRB is led by former Fed Ex executive and Accelerate Arkansas member Ted Moskal.
Compared with the Americans, Hollander writes, LRB advertisers come across as 'less individualistic, less narcissistic, less competitive, and less anxious to make a favorable impression--or their notion of what makes a favorable impression is very different from that of the American writers.
But the LRB will probably draw the House & Senate maps.
In the LRB, he does not pronounce judgment; he is unsure and does not want to make premature discriminations.