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From Figure 15, it can be concluded that implementation of the LRBs reduced the base moment averagely by 52% and 61% (Table 7) in both the longitudinal and transverse directions compared to the base moments in the FFB adjacent buildings.
Charged under the 2013 General Appropriations Act (GAA) for Budgetary Support to Government Corporations, the NHA will construct eight in-city LRBs in various government-owned lands.
As an example, in the aforementioned CWH during the Mw5.8 and Mw6.0 seismic events on December 23, 2011 [46], the yield force of the LRB isolators was higher than expected; therefore, the isolation was quite ineffective and the superstructure performed as a fixed-base building to a large extent.
--$124.9 million LRBs issued by the Santa Monica Public Financing Authority at 'AA+'.
The LRBs are rated two notches below the IDR because the city's repayment plan relies on prospective revenues that Fitch views as uncertain.
The LRBs are payable from lease payments to the authority from the city for the use of various essential assets, subject to abatement.
--Riverside County Public Financing Authority LRBs series 2012 and 2015 at 'A+';
GENERAL FUND OBLIGATIONS: The LRBs and POBs are rated one notch below the GO bonds as they are not a general obligation and are payable solely from any legally available funds.
--$84.7 million 2016 LRBs (West Hollywood Park Phase II; Werle Building; 2009B Refunding) at 'AA+'.
The LRBs are payable from lease payments from the city to the trustee for use of various governmental assets, subject to abatement.
The analytical model of the lead rubber bearing (LRB) was generated using the elastomeric bearing element, which has a bilinear force-deformation response envelope as implemented in the OpenSees program.
Performance Measures on Different Missing Value Handling Methods Reported for Test Dataset Model Variable feed Accuracy% Gini AUC Type II Type I code method error error LRE Enter 87.67 0.368 0.684 0.921 0.007 LRS Stepwise 87.33 0.27 0.635 1 0 LRF Foreword 87.33 0.27 0.635 1 0 LRB Backward 87.67 0.638 0.684 0.921 0.007 LRBS Backward stepwise 87.67 0.638 0.684 0.921 0.007 Table 4.