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Itsekor (2011) also opined that the Federal Ministry of Education (FME) is meant to implement the policy guiding the provision of libraries with the support of the Nigerian Library Association (NLA), National Library of Nigeria (NLN), and the LRCN. Itsekor (2011) stated that librarians should see themselves as stakeholders that can restructure and ensure the implementation of the education policies.
Afolabi said certification of librarians is the core mandate of LRCN and that already, the council, a parastatal under the Federal Ministry of Education, has registered 5,437 librarians.
Formulation of viable library policies, librarians have come a long way as a profession and in order to facilitates a smooth transformation process, there is need for various bodies like Librarians' Registration Council (LRCN), Nigerian Library Association (NLA) and National Association of Library and Information Science Educationist (NALISE) to come up with a framework upon which professional practices should be based.
The Librarian (Registration, etc.) Council of Nigeria (LRCN) and the Nigerian Library Association (NLA) should formulate a viable library advocacy and lobbying programme.
Table 2 reveals no networking (0%) with NLA, LRCN & IFLA.
LIS professionals are expected to follow ethical standards typically prescribed by a recognized body whether local, (Librarians Registration Council of Nigeria (LRCN), American Library Association (ALA) etc or international (International Federation of Library Association and Institutions (IFLA), Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) etc).
Nigerian Library Association (NLA) and Librarians' Registration Council of Nigeria (LRCN) should take legal and ethical issues of information management very seriously in accrediting library and information education institutions in Nigeria.
Similarly, upon the completion of these programmes, one may apply to be enlisted as a Certified Librarian with the Librararian Registration Council of Nigeria (LRCN).
This is in tandem with the minimum entry requirements (Bachelor of Library Science) into the profession as set by the Librarians Registration Council of Nigeria (LRCN) and the Nigeria Library Association (NLA).
16 The association should encourage one spirit and team 1 work 17 The association should drive for members to increase 1 her population 18 The association should adopt contemporary ways of 1 discharging their professional duties so as to remain unique 19 The association should make the Library profession 1 attractive to non-Librarians to seek membership as people seek membership of bodies like NIM 20 The Librarians Registration Council Nigeria (LRCN) 1 should be more vocal in things concerning the Librarians 21 The association should be media friendly 1 22 The association can be known if they monopolizing 2 some practices related to her profession.
The study was also limited to the BLS program because it is the minimum entry requirement into the Library Profession as stipulated by the Librarians Registration Council of Nigeria (LRCN).