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LRE means that, to the maximum extent appropriate, school districts must educate students with disabilities in the regular classroom with appropriate aids and supports, referred to as "supplementary aids and services," along with their nondisabled peers in the school they would attend if not disabled.
Extel Technologies KMC Systems LRE Medical GmbH/Esterline Corporation Paramit - Lathrop Corporation PAX-it Plexus Corporation Promenade Software Inc.
Example 4, taken from the group data, presents a correctly resolved lexical LRE. In the first turn, student G1S1 (= group 1, student 1) looks for the word 'immediately' or 'instantly', which student G1S2 provides in the second turn.
"With the renewal of the fleet, LRE customers can now enjoy an experience through which they can immerse themselves in the unlimited power and capability of our 2016 models, with their upgraded specifications, in order for them to fully feel and sense first-hand the irresistible allure of the Land Rover brand."
Whether the hypothetical hearing officer acted in compliance with the IDEA depends on one's interpretation of the LRE requirement.
Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) does report, on an annual basis, the extent to which students with disabilities participate in general education settings and, more specifically, the extent to which students participate in those settings by IDEA disability category, because students with the most significant cognitive disabilities represent a portion or fraction of students across several disability categories (and typically, the students with the most severe disabilities in each of those categories), we cannot extrapolate LRE data for students participating in a state AA-AAS by an analysis of national LRE data by disability category.
However, SRE, LRE and RP characterize each script differently.
One part of this law deals with Least Restrictive Environment (LRE), the inclusion of the student with a disability to the maxi mum extent possible with students without disabilities.
In light of a recent report of Longitudinal Relaxation Enhancement (LRE) phenomena ex vivo [2], this study utilizes a similar technique to measure [T.sub.2] relaxation of selectively excited metabolites relevant to stroke in combination with high field MRS to investigate their potential to serve as stroke biomarkers.
linear regression equation (LRE) standardabsorptivity (SA) and first order derivative (FOD) method were developed and validated according to ICH guideline.
The DOT range and product identifiers for the affected tyres are Michelin LTX M/S LT 225/75R16 115/112R LRE, B3JH AKEX and 0210 - 2512 respectively.
Indicators include: (1) Graduation Rate; (2) Dropouts; (3) Assessment Targets; (4) Assessment Targets--Reading; (5) Assessment Targets--Mathematics; (6) Suspensions and Expulsions--High School; (7) Suspensions and Expulsions--Elementary School; (8) LRE Placement; (9) Parental Involvement; (10) Child Find; (11) Secondary Transition; and (12) Post-School Outcome.