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(34) Mutation-specific antibodies against the EGFR exon 19 deletion are also highly specific but lack adequate sensitivity to the full range of small insertion/deletion mutations that can affect the LREA motif of the kinase domain.
Lumber samples selected from TimberTruss Housing Systems were cut to proper length and test specimens were cut for LRAA and LREA configurations (Fig.
According to the statistical results summarized in Table 1, the hypothesis that the residual variance equaled a constant as the independent variable (SG) increased could not be rejected for the LREA case.
It may be deduced from Figures 2 and 3 that the predicted embedment gap for any given SG is higher for the LRAA orientation compared to the LREA orientation.
For the LRAA and LREA orientations, the average embedment gap was 0.0377 and 0.0322 inch, respectively.
For the LREA orientation, embedment gap did not influence ultimate load.
In particular, laboratories that use Sanger sequencing are strongly encouraged to use a mutated allele-enriching strategy, such as locked nucleic acid or peptide nucleic acid clamps, coamplification at lower denaturation temperature PCR, or enzymatic digestion of wild-type sequences, to enhance the sensitivity for the common critical mutations in exon 19 (747_750 LREA deletions), 20 (T790M), and 21 (L858R).