LREVLighthouse Real Estate Ventures, Inc. (est. 1996; West Hampstead, NY)
LREVLongwing Real Estate Ventures (New York)
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Donna Hanover, television personality and author and long-time volunteer for the March of Dimes, presented the award to Jeffrey Ravetz, Paul Cooper and Louis Sheinker, principals of LREV.
For a critique of separating rights from title, see Kent McNeil, "Aboriginal Title and Aboriginal Rights: What's the Connection?" (1997) 36:1 Alta LRev 117.
LREV has acquired and improved over 2 million square feet of commercial and mixed-use space throughout Long Island and New York.
LREV has acquired and subsequently improved over 2 million square feet of commercial and mixed-use space throughout Long Island and the New York metro area.
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Longwing Real Estate Ventures (LREV), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dubai Investment Group (DIG), responsible for real estate investments throughout the US.
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