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LRFLantbrukarnas Riksförbund (Sweden, Federation of Swedish Farmers)
LRFLeukemia Research Foundation
LRFLadle Refining Furnace (steel manufacturing)
LRFLaser Range Finder
LRFLegal Resources Foundation
LRFLinker Response File
LRFLine Response Function
LRFLocal Registration File
LRFLocal Resilience Forum (UK)
LRFLong-Range Forecasting
LRFLittle Rubber Feet
LRFLeft Ring Finger
LRFLocal Regeneration Fund (UK)
LRFLumber Recovery Factor (forestry industry)
LRFLiquid Rocket Fuel
LRFLogical Record Facility (IBM IDMS database)
LRFLogistics Readiness Flight
LRFLouisiana Renaissance Festival
LRFLocal Register File
LRFLocation Registration Function
LRFLaser Resonance Fluorescence
LRFLand Rover Forum (Norway)
LRFLast Return Filed (IRS)
LRFLanguage Related Factor
LRFLow Resolution Facsimile
LRFLateral Range Function
LRFLittle Rock Field (Little Rock AFB, Arkansas)
LRFLicense Request Form
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The panelists for a session on the role of police officials and civil society was moderated by Fozia Tariq, Advisor Police Reforms LRF, and participated by Anjum Iqbal, Additional Secretary Women Development Department Sindh, Dr.
"Kids' Party is an opportunity for patients and families to share a fun morning with other families," said Linda Kabot, LRF Director of Programs.
Tahir Hussai and CO Malik Tahir Iqbal of LRF and others were also highlighting the International Day for elimination of violence against women and activities of 16 days throughout the province in collaboration with legal rights forum (LRF) and other organization (UN Women, CRM Sindh, Sarim Burney Trust, Kaash, Aurat Foundation, MCTS, Wonder Women, Empower Youth for Women, Catholic Board of Education, She Earns, Aas Trust).
--A Virtual Network Node (VNN) is a UN positioning solution conducted in one or more LRF. Such VNN can contain an APS coordinates provided by independent UN feature.
Prior to joining the LRF, Chillemi was executive director of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Connecticut Westchester Hudson Valley Chapter, where he worked to implement new revenue streams and reduce expenses to improve organizational efficiencies and return on investment.
Additionally, LRF has partnered with Europe's only accredited academy specialized in trading - Afxants to create The Diamond Academy.
Nessa perspectiva, pressupoe-se que tanto as transferencias intergovernamentais quanto a LRF direcionam os gestores publicos ao atendimento das demandas publicas.
* 0,3 4,0 0,3 4,0 d[Sm.sup.-1] d[Sm.sup.-1] d[Sm.sup.-1] d[Sm.sup.-1] Internal C[O.sub.2] Concentration TSKC 264 bA 225 bA 309 aA 262 aA LRF 245 aA 251 aA 259 bA 256 bA LCRSTC 262 aA 253 aA 255 bA 251 bA LVK 233 aA 223 bA 234 bA 237 bA Transpiration (E) (mol of [H.sub.2]O [m.sup.-2] [s.sup.-1]) TSKC 1,10 cA 0,93 cA 1,08 bA 1,16 cA LRF 2,39 aA 3,11 aA 2,19 aB 3,09 aA LCRSTC 2,18 bA 2,52 bA 1,89 aA 2,34 bA LVK 2,30 bA 2,06 bA 1,88 aA 2,51 bA Stomatic conductance (mol of [H.sub.2]O[m.sup.-2] [s.sup.-1]) TSKC 0,05 bA 0,04 dA 0,05 bA 0,06 bA LRF 0,14 aB 0,22 aA 0,14 aB 0,25 aA LCRSTC 0,12 aA 0,16 bA 0,12 aA 0,16 aA LVK 0,14 aA 0,12 cA 0,11 aA 0,18 aA Salinity Exposure 24 hours 48 hours Var.
Therefore Huang combines the concept of LRF with ELM and proposed a local receptive field based extreme learning machine (LRF-ELM) [14] in order to learn local correlations of input images.
LRF Designers Ltd was established in 1990 and is headquartered in Hong Kong.