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Rapid transfer of stomach contents to the ileum after LRGB is associated with induction of incretins that increase insulin secretion and thus control of blood glucose levels (11).
DETAILS: Sky-Watcher Esprit ED80 apochromatic refractor and Moravian Instruments G2-8300 CCD camera with Astronomik LRGB filters.
DETAILS: Takahashi FSQ-106ED astrograph, Moravian G3-16200 CCD camera, and Baader Ha and LRGB filters.
Caption: M8 and M20 captured with the QHY16200A and the provided LRGB filters through , a William Optics 102mm t/6.
DETAILS: ASA 10N astrograph with SBIG STL11000M CCD camera and Baader LRGB filters.
Details: Takahashi FSQ85-ED astrograph, SBIG ST-8300M CCD camera, and Baader LRGB filters.
The LRGB composite is useful if the image brightness is reduced, where L= luminance (unfiltered white light image), and one can improve surface feature detail by replacing R by IR, etc.
After my LRGB image is created, I might use the CurvesTransformation process to adjust contrast, brightness, and color saturation.
Remote imaging via the internet is becoming increasingly popular, allowing observers cost effective access to first class equipment in prime dark site locations, and Andy Wilson's photograph, another LRGB shot (32min L, 2min each RGB), was obtained in this way using a Takahashi Epsilon 250 mounted on a Paramount ME plus SBIG ST-10XME from Global Rent a Scope, New Mexico.
Details: 16-inch Dream Astrograph and Apogee Alta U16M CCD camera using H[alpha] and LRGB filters.
For example, you can set up an imaging project of LRGB images of M33 totaling 24 hours of exposure, and ACP Expert will take the images over time and report the percentage of data accumulated in the browser as it goes.
The LRGB image consisted of 75min Luminance and 21 min each RGB through Astronomik IIc RGB filters.