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LRICLong Run Incremental Cost
LRICLong Range Infrared Camera
LRICLogical Record Identifier Code
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In any case, dealing with margin squeezes is assisted by ex ante regulation, where wholesale markets are subject to price control (retail-minus or LRIC) and other remedies.
Thus it is important to understand the LRIC as a kind of pro-competitive policy whose simple and pure application may have a negative impact on the development of the telecommunications industry (FUKE, 2003b).
Some observers note that such decisions could have a negative effect on competition, especially as late market entrants (mobile operators with small market shares) are still dependent on today's high termination rates and thus a significant reduction in their termination rates, to the level of LRIC for example, could cause them major commercial problems, even resulting in their market exit.
The price caps are set on the basis of long-run incremental costs (LRIC) following bottom-up approach, which takes into account network design (technologies and coverage), traffic (volume, busy-hour characteristics), and cost (capex, opex, asset lifetime).
With the aid of a generic analytical bottom-up LRIC costing model, which has been adapted to the conditions in Switzerland, we have analysed different scales of approaches to sharing in terms of their essential effect on costs.
Long-run Incremental Cost ("LRIC") had a long history in U.S.
Incremental wheeling cost methods involve Short Run Marginal Cost (SRMC) method and Long Run Incremental Cost (LRIC) method (Syarifuddin Nojeng, Mohammad Yusri Hassan, Dalila Mat Said, Md.
Sovex business development manager Rachel Price said the Praguna centre is being based on the renowned UK Logistics Research and Innovation Centre (LRIC) in Manchester - run by Mantra Learning and housing equipment from the Warehouse Technology Group (WTG).
The seminar that focused on Long Run Incremental Cost (LRIC) was organised by Inception Consultancy and saw participation from senior TRA officials including general director Mohamed Bubshait, as well as specialists from Batelco, Zain, Viva, Etisalcom, Kalm, United Links, Elephant Talk, nue-tel, and the Bahrain Internet Exchange.