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LRICLong Run Incremental Cost
LRICLong Range Infrared Camera
LRICLogical Record Identifier Code
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Furthermore, as both LRIC costs equally comprised a mark-up for nonnetwork costs and an externalities surcharge, the resulting estimation of the relative spread is conservative.
See Survey 2001 for a discussion of LRIC A and B methods.
LRIC, or the long-run incremental cost method, is a method of calculating interconnection rates based on current estimates of interconnection costs in the future against the backdrop of developments in information technology.
The LRIC seminar, which opens on Tuesday, will see TRA senior analyst Thomas Hain speak at the opening session, said event organisers.
TRA senior analyst Thomas Hain will speak at the opening session of the LRIC seminar, organisers said.
For example, in Australia and New Zealand, LRIC has been employed for the determination of a few wholesale charges.
In line with the Commission's mandate, it is now common in state regulatory proceedings to allow only LRIC to be recovered in prices.
government has been calling on Japan to slash NTT's rates, effective April 1, 2000, to "a level that would be found in a fully competitive market" based on an LRIC model "that accurately reflects widely accepted economic principles.
Under the LRIC model interconnection rates have been set under the EU average for the first time.
Tenders are invited for Drilling and commissioning of new borewells 4 Nos at LRIC Konehalli
The seminar will cover specialised topics including the impact of evolving networks, constraints on effectiveness of planning and fixed versus variable costs, NGA, NGNs, VoIP, annualisation reaching to LRIC model covering both mobile and fixed networks.
This leads to Brownfield (LRIC) costs as a relevant alternative to modified Greenfield LRIC for the case of FTTH access.