LRISLawyer Referral Information Service (various locations)
LRISLow Resolution Imaging Spectrograph (Keck Observatory)
LRISLand Records Information System (U.S. Department of the Interior; Indian land trust)
LRISLabor Relations Information System
LRISLand Registration and Information Services (Canada)
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A total of ten ships namely, Maria Elena, Maersk Detroit, Sophia-N, Dias, Lowland Amstel, lris, Al-Safiya, Tomson Gas, Argent Cosmos and Euro Brave are currently occupying PQA berths to load/offload
LRIS connects attorneys with clients who are screenedin accordancewith their location, legal issue and ability to pay.
Among the seven patients without bronchiectasis, the average diagnosis delay was 2.6 years, and LRIs occurred 2.1 times per year.
Name LRI Rt Relative (min) abundance (%) n-Dodecane 656.76 8.08 100 Methyllaurate; methyldodecanoate 893.29 10.99 10 6,10,14-Trimethyl-pentadecan-2-one (5) 1090.00 13.41 33 6,10-Dimethyl-undecan-2-one (6) 1093.25 13.45 57 2-Methyl-hexadecanal (7) 1132.27 13.93 82 Methylpalmitate; methylhexadecanoate 1135.52 13.97 50 Methyl-9,12,15-octadecatreinoate (8) 1165.81 15.13 100 Methylstearate; methyloctadecanoate 1177.37 15.26 26 n-Heneicosane (9) 1252.25 17.35 11 Name Mol.
The most predominant type of HPIVs detected from patients with severe lower respiratory infections (LRIs), such as pneumonia and bronchiolitis, was HPIV3.
Early pneumonia was also associated with a significantly increased risk of active wheeze during the previous year up to age 29 years (OR, 1.94; 95% CI, 1.28-2.95) as were other LRIs, although the association with the latter was much weaker than that for pneumonia (OR, 1.37; 95% CI, 1.09-1.72), according to the authors.
Participants included in the current study were required to have complete follow-up for LRIs in the first 3 years of life and to have at least one pulmonary function test completed at ages 11, 16, 22, or 26 years.
The distance to the quasar is so great (about 10 billion light-years) that the emitted light is "stretched" by the expansion of the universe from an invisible ultraviolet wavelength to a visible shade of violet by the time it reaches the Keck telescope and the LRIS spectrometer used for this discovery.
The NCAA has organized a special advisory committee in an effort to address the special needs of LRIs. The committee is headed by Texas Southern University President Dr.
In 1983, it became a Crown corporation, and then, in 1987, it was merged into the Land Registration and Information Service (LRIS).
Certain chemical pollutants have been reported to exacerbate lower respiratory tract infections (LRIs), a common childhood ailment.