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LRKLinux Root Kit
LRKLooney Ricks Kiss (architecture firm)
LRKLong Range Kinematic
LRKLiving-Related Kidney
LRKLED (Light Emitting Diode) Retrofit Kit (lighting)
LRKLaunch & Recovery Kit (aeronautics)
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LRK 516 used as test material were obtained from Central Institute for Cotton Research (CICR), Nagpur.
the coefficient [b.sup.[delta].sub.[gamma][lambda]] is the number of LRK of shape [[delta].sup.*]/[[gamma].sup.*] with content [[lambda].sup.*].
on KABF-FM, 88.3, the LRKA has a radio show called "LRK Kick Cast" that Betz called a "tongue-in-cheek version of 'Drivetime Sports.'" The show, underwritten by Boulevard Bread Co., consists of players calling in to talk trash, Betz said.
Before architects at Looney Ricks Kiss (LRK) cranked out a single concept drawing, before Issa Homes hauled its first backhoe to the lot, there was research.
According to Rob Norcross, principal in charge, Memphis-based Looney Ricks Kiss (LRK) Architects, "Dean Jernigan started out owning the whole piece of property, and the idea was to build a ballpark downtown.
LRK Associates Contact: Len Kravitz, President & CEO Address: 3911 Lake Mira Drive, Orlando, FL 32817-1645, USA Tel: +1 407 673 4056 Fax: +1 407 673 4038 e-mail: URL:
IT'S NOT LIKE LRK AND ISSA Homes were new kids on the block.
4x800 Relay: Batavia 7:52.05, Metea Valley 7:52.28, Dundee-Crown 7:58.60; 4x100 relay: Hoffman Estates :41.95, South Elgin :42.08, Batavia :42.46; 3200: Richtman (Knlnd) 9:17.10, Liking (StCE) 9:31.04; 110 high hurdles: Conger (Bat) :14.35, Olaitan (Sch) :14.61, Stubbs (Lrk) :14.68, Rodriguez (He) :14.95; 100: Rustay (HE) :10.62, Olenek (Gen) :11.01; 800: Kennedy (Bat) 1:57.37, Swanson (DC) 1:57.94; 4x200 relay: Hoffman Estates 1:28.71, St.
He's still with LRK, but earlier this year he got to live out what would be just about anyone's fantasy when his firm opened an office in the Florida panhandle community of Rosemary Beach.