LRLAPLong Range Land Attack Projectile
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The 155-mm LRLAP is effective against a variety of targets in multiple mission areas and was designed to provide expeditionary forces with an affordable, ship-launched alternative to currently used missiles.
BAE Systems is progressing toward completing 155-mm LRLAP live fire testing in Q4 of 2013.
Under development by SAIC and Lockheed Martin, the seven-foot long, 155 mm LRLAP will contain 24 pounds of explosives, considerably larger than the seven pounds of explosives in the 5-inch ERGM.
LRLAP is a 155-mm projectile fired from the Advanced Gun System for the U.
BAE Systems' next step is a Critical Design Review for the LRLAP, which is expected to occur in December 2012.
The 5-inch LRLAP is being designed to allow deployed surface ships to strike shore-based targets at ranges that exceed 50 nautical miles.
Navy s 155-mm LRLAP program, said Tom Pfenning, director of Precision Guided Munitions at BAE Systems.
The successful factory testing and delivery of this first major production component for AGS, coupled with our ongoing successes with the 155-mm LRLAP program, demonstrates that this highly advanced system is a real, proven option for meeting unmet naval surface fire support requirements.
The primary mission of the LRLAP is land attack warfare in support of ground and expeditionary forces beyond the line of sight.
The DD(X) design calls for each destroyer to have two Advanced Gun Systems aboard, with up to 900 rounds of LRLAP ammunition available for the guns.
The LRLAP is the first projectile to be developed for the Advanced Gun System (AGS), which is the main naval surface fire support system for the US Navy's Future Surface Combatant Program - DD(X).