LRLSLong Range Lineup System
LRLSLearning by Recursive Least-Squares (algorithm)
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The following parties were considered: LSDP (a), TS-LKD (b), TPP (c), DP (d), LRLS (e), TT (f), LiCS (g), and O (h).
The following parties were considered: LRLS (a), DP (b), TS-LKD (c), DK (d), LLRA (e), LSDP (f), TT (g), and O (h).
Party [[alpha].sub.1] [[beta].sub.1] c [[alpha].sub.2] LSDP 3.9 31.7 0.15 4.3 TS-LKD 3.7 16.8 0 -- TPP 5.1 27.8 0 -- DP 3 30.3 0.09 3.2 LRLS 2.7 67.9 0.54 0.6 TT 7.6 59.5 0.42 1.8 LiCS 0.98 23.5 0 -- O 6.6 30.4 0.15 1.2 Party [[beta].sub.2] [R.sup.2.sub.PDF] [R.sup.2.sub.RS] LSDP 12.9 0.968 0.999 TS-LKD -- 0.915 0.999 TPP -- 0.884 0.992 DP 7.7 0.942 0.992 LRLS 12.6 0.986 0.994 TT 9.4 0.987 0.992 LiCS -- 0.955 0.993 O 1.6 0.944 0.995 Table 3: The parameters of a mixture of Beta distributions: here c is a weight of Be([[alpha].sub.2], [[beta].sub.2]), used to fit the data in Figures 6 and 7 as well as wellness of fit for the PDFs, [R.sup.2.sub.PDF], and the rank-size distributions, [R.sup.2.sub.RS].
Later, I heard from another colleague that LRLS's objections to my looking at the documents were not personally directed at me and that I was free to go find the publicly available documents on my own; they had simply changed their policy on allowing researchers access to their materials in light of the recognition legislation coming before Congress.
I did obtain copies of some of the stolen documents from other non-Indian researchers to whom LRLS had given access, but I still have not seen others.
Censored to a common LRL of [greater than or equal to] 0.1[micro]g/L, ground-water collected from beneath agricultural areas in central Alabama had detection frequency rates for fluometuron, norflurazon, and aldicarb sulfone greater than in agricultural areas nationally (Table 3).
Detection frequencies, maximum concentrations, and application rates for selected pesticides and degradation products in ground water beneath urban and agricultural areas of central Alabama [H, herbicide; I, insecticide; LRL, laboratory reporting limit; [micro]g/L, micrograms per liter; E, estimated concentration less than the laboratory reporting level but above the long-term method detection level or concentration greater than the calibrated range of the apparatus; kg, kilogram; k[m.sup.2], square kilometer].
If the Conservatives were not to invite the Liberals into the coalition, the LRLS would be condemned to spend four years in the political wilderness as a minor member of the opposition.
(29.) Joseph Brooks, Pembroke, NC, to John Collier, Washington DC, 8 July 1935, LRLS.
(33.) Bureau of Indian Affairs, A Report on the Siouan Tribe of Indians in Robeson County, North Carolina, by Fred Baker (Washington DC: Bureau of Indian Affairs, 9 July 1935), 10-12, hereafter referred to as Baker Report; Fred Baker, Sisseton SD, to Joseph Brooks, Pembroke NC, 12 June 1935, LRLS; Brooks to Collier, 8 July 1935; James E.
The LRLS and the LVZS are the two stars rising in Lithuania's political firmament.
If one had to bet, the wise money would be placed on a ruling coalition that will contain the LSDP, LRLS, and LVZS.