LRMILinux Real Mode Interface
LRMILow-Resolution Multispectral Image
LRMILocal Resource Manager Interface
LRMILearning Resource Metadata Initiative (education database project)
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Gladney said that LRMI "posted frequent updates online and in discussion groups.
Recent polls show more than half of publishers that are aware of LRMI already use it or plan to do so within a year.
The LRMI will provide filters that allow teachers to conduct targeted searches.
he publishers of the content will continue to charge their current costs for the materials, Gladney says, but the content tagged with LRMI metadata will be easier for teachers to find.
CIO leaders should keep in mind that the LRMI is a useful set of properties for anyone creating tools around digital learning," Gladney says.
One element of LRMI is assigning metatags to information so a teacher will know not only the standard to which that a piece of content is tied, but also the type of content it is (movie, jpeg, etc.
We're still in the early stages, establishing the LRMI and building awareness," Gladney says.
Gladney says that seeing the giants of search working together provided some of the impetus to develop LRMI, which he sees an extension of that project--but with a tight focus on education.
The LRMI spec describes a focused range of data properties, such as "intended user role" (say, "student" or "teacher"), "typical age range" (say, "7-9"), and "learning resource type" (say, "presentation" or "handout").
We ultimately envision the LRMI enabling search filters in educational resources for things like subject area, grade level, alignment to standards like Common Core, and media type.
The LRMI is already the metadata framework required for all resources that will be in the the Shared Learning.
Phase II of the LRMI, currently under way, is a proof-of-concept (POC) project involving early adopters of the spec.