LRMPLand and Resource Management Plan (forestry industry)
LRMPLong Range Management Plan
LRMPLong-Range Maritime Patrol
LRMPLightweight Reliable Multicast Protocol
LRMPLong Range Maintenance Plan
LRMPLegacy Resource Management Program
LRMPLong-Range Master Plan
LRMPLaunch Platform Mission Planning
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Clear policy: The Kamloops LRMP was undertaken within a federal, provincial, and regional policy vacuum.
Martin, (218) where the court upheld a programmatic challenge of a forest LRMP in conjunction with the site-specific challenges of individual timber sales.
(77) The Act established a formalized planning process by requiring the creation of land and resource management plans (LRMPs).
The BT programme's expected rating is aligned with the region of LRMP's Short-term Issuer Default Rating (IDR) as the notes under the programme are expected to constitute senior, unconditional, unsecured and unsubordinated liabilities of the region.
Land use data were obtained from the Land Resource Mapping Project (LRMP) Data Bank, 1988, and the Department of Forest, Research Report, 2001.
The P3C Orion aircraft, which is designed for surface and underwater reconnaissance and anti-submarine and anti-surface vessel operations, is rated as the fastest turbo-prop long-range maritime patrol (LRMP) platform used worldwide, and is also called the airborne destroyer.
With the induction of modern fighters (MIG-29) by our adversary, our turbo prop driven Long Range Maritime Patrol (LRMP) aircraft being slow moving are under real and serious threat.
The P-3C Orion long-range maritime-patrol aircraft (LRMP) has a proven maritime surveillance and reconnaissance record that dates back to the Cold War.
(2) Universite Jean Monnet, LRMP, 23 Rue Paul Michelon, 42023 Saint-Etienne Cedex 2, France
To date, LRMD has assisted in LRF land inventory and strategic plan development in 130 AOs across the country and this year LRMP II is conducting this work in additional 60 rural municipalities.
The total land area of 14,748,000 hectares in Nepal (LRMP, 1986) consists of a spectacular landscape stretched from east to west.