LRMTSLaser Rangefinder & Marked Target Seeker
LRMTSLahore Rail Mass Transit System (Transport Department; Lahore, Pakistan)
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The introduction of LRMTS in Lahore will bring a significant change in the urban fabric of the city and there would be significant land use conversion from residential to commercial, commercial to high level business and commercial activities supporting service sector of the city and industrial to commercial especially on the main stations on each track.
An integrated land use planning approach is inevitable for efficient and sustainable utilization of LRMTS. Keeping in view of the land use planning principles there is dire need to establish institutional and legal and regulatory framework for proper development activities strengthening the LRMTS and land use planning pattern of the Lahore.
The sensor component of this passive suite is to be fitted in the forward part of the belly, near the Ferranti LRMTS (Laser Ranger and Marked Target Seeker) * a Terrain-Referenced Navigation System for highly accurate penetration of the enemy rear without having recourse to the airborne radar * new Head-Up and Head Down Displays receiving inputs, among other data, from the FLIR sensor * integration of the day/night TIALD (Thermal Imaging Airborne Laser Designator) system * installation of a numerical rolling map display based on laser discs * installation of an offensive and defensive electronic warfare system adapted to present and future threats.