LRNSLong-Range Navigation System (aviation)
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This increase in NEg observed for those yearling bulls fed 9 ppm meets the value predicted by the LRNS when an ionophore is included into the diet.
In preparation for SY 2018-2019 and issuance of LRNs, Briones directed schools divisions hosting displaced learners to "consolidate the list of all displaced learners" while host schools divisions shall then "request the certification of the Schools Division of Marawi City" stating the learners "were previously studying in the said schools division."
"Learners shall provide a birth certificate or other equivalent documents as prerequisite for the issuance of their LRNs," Briones said.
Briones noted that while the basic learner's profile and academic status for each learner in the DepEd "are linked" to their Learner Reference Number (LRN) stored in the Learner Information System (LIS), "the system does not store detailed information on the learner's grades, which serve as the basis for determining promotion/retention decisions."
The LRNS supplements GPS for navigation, which, as anyone who owns a satnav will agree, can often prove unreliable.
"Using our in-field LRNS system, you can drive a tractor with its implement [farming tools attached to the tractor] as you would normally, and the tractor learns everything you're doing, where you're doing it and replicates this exactly, " explains Schulz.
The LRNS system works with the AIC circuit board to send and receive control data and commands to raise and lower the implement, monitor performance, toggle spraying valves and ensure proper functioning.
The LRNS uses a scaling factor as described by Tylutki et al.
Level 1 and level 2 solutions of the LRNS model were used to predict DMI and the metabolisable energy (ME) and protein (MP) allowable gain.
The Model Evaluation System (MES; Tedeschi, 2006; was used to test for LRNS adequacy as discussed by Tedeschi (2006) in which model-predicted and observed treatment mean values were analysed for accuracy and precision using several statistics.
Figure 1 shows that animals in study 5 consumed less than predicted, decreasing the adequacy of the LRNS. When this study, which had larger cattle, was removed from the comparison (Table 4), the precision and accuracy drastically increased for the level 1 solution.