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LROLunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (NASA)
LROLarge Receive Offload
LROLeft to Right Override
LROLeft-to-Right Override
LROLand Rover Owner
LROLarge Radio Observatory (US NASA)
LROLight Railway Operating (Australian Light Railway Operating Company)
LROLead Regional Organization (North Carolina)
LROLearning Record Online
LROLabor Relations Officer
LROLateral Runout (tires)
LROLogistics Readiness Officer
LROLong Range Optics
LROLease Rent Option (real estate)
LROLessor's Risk Only
LROLunar Robotic Orbiter (NASA)
LROLong-Running Operation
LROLow Radar Observability
LROLondon Recorder Orchestra (London, England)
LROLatvian Relief Organization
LROLegislative Relations Office
LROLong-Range Objective
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The LRO mission is scheduled to launch in the fall of 2008 as part of NASA's Robotic Lunar Exploration Program.
Tracey usly, said e initial e Davies, who replaced Crouch just 16 days previouthe LRO would build on the levy reforms and "provide opportunities to streamline the administration of the levy and therefore reduce the burdens to all those affected".
The LRO launched in 2009 and, among its other functions, takes temperature readings of the lunar surface during the day and the night; images geographic details on the moon; measures the amount of ultraviolet light being reflected from the surface back into space; and sends all of that data back to scientists on Earth.
But unlike the LRO, which remained functional, the Chandarayaan-1 was barely working.
The LRO team has done an excellent job tracking down most of the spacecraft that reached the Moon.
John Keller, LRO project scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md, said that this unique image is a tremendous resource for scientists and the public alike, asserting that it's the latest example of the exciting insights and data products LRO has been providing for nearly five years.
LRO is an advanced mathematical solution that accurately forecasts availability and demand.
Known as a bi- static experiment, it involved Chandrayaan- 1 and NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter ( LRO) spacecraft.
Understanding concepts of maneuver warfare, rates of advance, and rates of consumption by unit size will make any LRO a more valuable commodity.
The ( LRO launched in 2009 and has been sending scientists data from the moon, using its seven instruments, ever since.
(NASDAQ: RP) has agreed to acquire apartment revenue management solutions company Lease Rent Options (LRO) and related assets from The Rainmaker Group for USD 300m in cash, the company said.