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LROLunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (NASA)
LROLarge Receive Offload
LROLeft to Right Override
LROLeft-to-Right Override
LROLand Rover Owner
LROLarge Radio Observatory (US NASA)
LROLight Railway Operating (Australian Light Railway Operating Company)
LROLead Regional Organization (North Carolina)
LROLearning Record Online
LROLabor Relations Officer
LROLateral Runout (tires)
LROLogistics Readiness Officer
LROLong Range Optics
LROLease Rent Option (real estate)
LROLessor's Risk Only
LROLunar Robotic Orbiter (NASA)
LROLong-Running Operation
LROLondon Recorder Orchestra (London, England)
LROLow Radar Observability
LROLatvian Relief Organization
LROLegislative Relations Office
LROLong-Range Objective
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Because solar eclipses do not affect the health or power supply of the spacecraft, LRO operated normally during the total solar eclipse.
While people should not expect to see themselves in the images, this campaign is a great way to personalize the eclipse experience,' said Noah Petro, LRO deputy project scientist at Goddard.
The LRO concluded that most of it would come from higher prices charged by the affected businesses.
NASA's Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) just barely survived one in April 2014, which was a "testament to its great engineering," LRO deputy project scientist Noah Petro at Goddard said.
Several members are also submitting work of a more theoretical nature, dealing with problems of lunar geology and based upon close analysis of LRO data.
It's a natural extension for LRO to provide that detailed revenue forecasting and have it imported as a top-line budget item.
The LRO is key to that and I am pleased that it has now passed through Parliament.
However, they can now apply directly for the licence without sitting the LRO exam if their medical school programmes are approved and acknowledged by the Bahrain Quality Assurance Authority for Education and Training (QAAET), National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) chief executive Dr Baha Eldin Fateha revealed yesterday.
6) Rozet to the sisters of Saint-Martin-en-Coailleux, 10 Octobre 1841, LRO, Doc.
The current LRS structure and location in the wing as well as the LRO career field should be left alone to settle, mature, and develop as a career field without any additional tinkering in the coming decade--we've got it right.
LRO has provided a treasure trove of data--more than all previous lunar and planetary missions combined.