LROTLubelska Regionalna Organizacja Turystyczna (Polish: Lublin Regional Tourist Organization; Lublin, Poland)
LROTLease, Rehabilitate, Operate and Transfer (energy policy; Confederation of Indian Industry)
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Reaches along the 8 horizontal reach vectors (A0, R45, R90, R135, P180, L135, L90 and L45) are horizontal reaches (HR) and measured in centimeters (cm), while the two rotational reaches (LROT, RROT) are measured in degrees ([degrees]).
However, they cannot be rotation-powered objects, since their X-ray luminosities largely exceed Lrot of Eq.
Grimsey and Lewis (2004) listed a number of public private business models prior to the more general term PPP, many of these emphasized the operation element of the structure within its name, showing the highly important role in these arrangements including: Operate and Maintain (O&M); Operate Maintain and Manage (OM&M); Build Transfer Operate (BTO); Build Operate Transfer (BOT); Build Own Operate Remove (BOOR); Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT); Lease Renovate Operate Transfer (LROT); Design Build Finance Operate (DBFO); Design Build Finance Operate Manage (DBFOM); Build Own Operate (BOO) etc.