LRPCLocal Remote Procedure Call
LRPCLightweight Rpc
LRPCLong Range Planning Committee
LRPCLightweight Remote Procedure Call
LRPCLondon Regional Passengers Committee
LRPCLong Range Plasma Cannon (gaming)
LRPCLong Range Planning Calendar
LRPCLaboratory Review Process Committee
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Were all subordinate units able to complete training during the allotted time period (additional time allocated on LRPC)?
(collectively, the plaintiffs) (5) filed suit in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana against the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board (LADB) and two of its officers in their official capacity, claiming that several subsections of the LRPC's revised Rule 7 violated their First Amendment right to free speech.
The company has more than 400 consultants and its revenue amounted to EUR47.4m (USD63m) last year.Country: Germany, Sector: IT/Online ServicesTarget: CS Consulting GmbHBuyer: Cap Gemini SAVendor: Kurt Rommel, LRPC, Berndt BlumenthalType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
While efforts of the LRPC substantially assisted the Bar, it became increasingly apparent in recent years that the separation of the LRPC from the Board of Governors created a gap between the ideals of the planning process and the development and function of the Bar's programs.
Initially, the LRPC lacked the knowledge on how to complete community-based planning.
Moreover, the vertical line connecting points A and C in panel [e] of Figure 2 represents the static long-run Phillips Curve (LRPC).
Story J's comments were cited with approval by the Privy Council in Macmillan & Co Ltd v K & d Cooper (1923) 93 LRPC 113, 117-18 (Lord Atkinson).
The new Latino/a Research and Policy Center (LRPC) on our campus was formed in 1997.
Take into consideration the changing business scene due to mergers and buy-outs of companies." The LRPC says it supports continuation
Lightweight Remote Procedure Call (LRPC) is a communication facility designed and optimized for communication between protection domains on the same machine.
The LRPC first met for this reason in September 2010; from that meeting came the survey mentioned above, which then spawned an open forum at the Cincinnati conference.