LRPDLittle Rock Police Department
LRPDLess Rain Police Department
LRPDLittle Red Plasma Dot (zIWeThey)
LRPDLocal and Regional Partnership Development (Romania)
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Rauchwerger and Padua compare the LRPD test to code that uses as "inspector" (a run-time test before the loop) to select a parallel or serial version of the loop.
Both the LRPD test and inspector-based tests benefit from more precise static analysis: if we can show at compile-time that a loop can or cannot be run in parallel, there is no point in wasting time checking this while the program is running.
Utilizaram-se dados do Cadastro Nacional de Estabelecimentos de Saude (CNES) para informacoes sobre LRPD credenciados e numero de TPD que atendem no SUS, dados do Sistema de Informacoes Ambulatoriais (SIA-SUS) para producao de proteses; e dados do IBGE para informacoes demograficas.
As demais variaveis relativas aos servicos de saude foram taxas mensais de LRPD e de TPD.
This makes it possible, even common, for LRPD detectives to conduct same-day Investigative follow-up calls.
In-car coding of calls frees up airtime for LRPD communications teams.
Uma importante questao seria a maior rigidez quanto a presenca de uma rede basica como criterio decisivo para a implantacao de unidades CEO e LRPD (24).
Segundo a autora, dos 526 LRPD existentes a epoca do estudo, 215 (41%) se encontravam em municipios que contavam apenas com este tipo de unidade, nao contando com CEO.
I don't know whether that new policy applies to us or not, but if one of our officers catches someone and gets involved, whether it's $25 or less or whatever, they're going to be arrested," assured Terry Hastings, a spokesman for the LRPD.
Terry Hastings, the department's information officer, explained that the LRPD has recently begun participating in the FBI's National Incident-Based Reporting System for crime reporting.
The LRPD has notified local hospitals of the planned protest.