LRPMLattice Restricted Primitive Model (physics)
LRPMLittle River Pond Mill Circulator (water purification device; Dagaz Environmental Inc.; Canada)
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According to Farida Komalasari, Director of the Research Institute and Community Service (LRPM) President University, through this workshop, it is expected that the quality and quantity of research will increase, as well as community service activities; both independently funded (internal funds) and external funds, including grants from the Higher Education.
The difference of the velocity at lrpm is probably attributed to the friction between particle-wall and particle-particle, and this topic deserves further research in the future.
Sin embargo, la desmesura mediática - al tratar con una excesiva espetacularización determinados casos - ha sido suficiente para no esperar a comprobar si la opción educativa de la LRPM original era o no acertada.