LRPSLicentiate of the Royal Photographic Society
LRPSLethbridge Regional Police Service (California)
LRPSLive Role Playing Society
LRPSLand Rover Parts Shop
LRPSLiquid Rocket Propulsion Systems (aeronautics)
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STATE-OWNED pension fund Social Security System (SSS) has condoned P9.5 billion worth of short-term loan penalties under its Loan Restructuring Program (LRP).
Getting back to the basics and conducting LRPs enables communication, creates a clear common operational picture, and enables sustainers to conduct physical "hands-and eyes-on" inspections to see what units actually have on hand.
Both LRP and HRP animals had a frequency of ~ 12% in the studied population, with HRPs showing a running capacity 3.5-fold greater than that of LRPs.
Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (LRP) is an example of a minimally invasive technique for treating prostate cancer [2, 3] which is currently performed in Japan [4].
He said based on the information gathered from the field level assessments from the ActionAid Pakistan Local Rights Programmes (LRPs) poor people suffered due to increase in staple food price or reduced food availability.
Last year he collected his LRPS qualification from the Royal Photographic Society, and now he has gone one better with his Associateship - a distinction of real quality and only awarded after some fierce scrutiny from some of the best photographers in the land.
LOW POWER RADIO SOLUTIONS Ltd (LRPS) now offers a wide range of Pro-Wave components for proximity detecting applications.
These soldiers also were known as "LRRPs" or "LRPs." In Vietnam, the Lurps were an all-volunteer force derived mainly from the Army's airborne units.
In that study, two urologic surgeons performed a total of 443 LRPs. Sexual function and continence were assessed at 0, 6, 12, and 24 months after surgery using the Expanded Prostate Cancer Index Composite (EPIC) questionnaire.