LRQALloyd's Register Quality Assurance
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Over half of the world's top consumer food companies currently choose LRQA for certification, and Pillay's appointment will support LRQA's dedication to food safety and help further refine its food-sector expertise and services.
As a market leader in the global-climate-change arena, LRQA is involved in a number of emerging developments in validation and verification services worldwide.
For both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, LRQA provides a complete range of services to help organisations transition to the revised standards.
Providing TAPA certification, along with LRQA's strong commitment to the development of the global ISO 28000 supply chain security standard, positions LRQA as the leading provider of global supply chain security management systems.
Dhillon, who joined LRQA in 1993, offers extensive experience in international client management, business development, and management system assessment.
LRQA continues to broaden its scope of environmental verification and assurance services through supply chain assurance, sustainability report verification, emissions management, carbon performance analysis and environmental management system assessments.
Formed in 1985 to offer independent certification of management systems, LRQA is part of the Lloyd's Register Group.
The renewed ISO 27001 certificates were presented to UNB CEO Mohammad Nasr Abdeen by LRQA Technical Manager Andrezj Taczala at UNB HQ recently.
PoNS is an investigational non-invasive device designed to deliver neurostimulation through the tongue and LRQA has concluded that the company complies with the requirements of ISO 13485 for an integrated quality management system for medical devices across all functions of the business, from design and development to manufacturing and distribution.
LRQA is a leading, independent provider of business assurance services, including management system certification, validation and verification.
This policy paid off when the bank became number one in the UAE and obtained the ISO Quality Award from LRQA, in addition to a number of awards from a number of national, regional and international institutions.
UNB becomes the first Bank in the world to be verified to follow the ISO 26000 (Social Responsibility) guidelines by LRQA