LRRALiability Risk Retention Act of 1986
LRRALow Range Radio Altimeter (avionics)
LRRALegislative and Regulatory Reform Act (law; UK)
LRRALower Rail Retract Auxiliary
LRRALambda-Resonator Ring Antenna
LRRALabour Relations Reform Act (Australia)
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Speaking to The Express Tribune, an official of the LRRA said the FWO had increased toll tax rates because it has invested around Rs20 billion for the construction of this road.
The chief minister had also decided that the LRRA would ensure that no overweighing vehicle is able to enter and move on the Ring Road by linking the barriers at very entry places having automated traffic management system.
The LRRA strictly limits the regulatory authority of states other than the state in which an RRG is licensed.
54-55; SOA Litomerice, la filial de yitenice, LRRA, sign.
Action Requested: NAA/NMHC urge Congress to advance insurance availability and decrease exorbitant premiums by amending LRRA to permit RRGs for property coverage.
Furthermore, an analysis of the LRRA suggests that nonchartering states already have sufficient regulatory powers to protect policyholders and members of the public without going after RRGs.
However, recent studies carried out by the LRRA within Victoria show that although volumes in the domestic recycling waste stream have increased, the amount of domestic waste generated per household has also increased.
The litigation started last year after a 30-member LRRA team faced stiff resistance from the colony's security staff when it arrived to demolish a wall near Mohlanwal to clear way for construction.
The LRRA exempts RRGs from accountability to domiciles other than the state in which they are headquartered.
RRG owners and industry groups have appealed to McRaith to include the modernization of LRRA and have the FIO act as the enforcement and resolution mechanism between RRGs and nondomiciliary states.
Due to the pressing concern by Congress to shore up the nation's financial markets, action on the SIIA-backed bill to modernize the LRRA (H.