LRRMLabor Relations Reference Manual (Bureau of National Affairs)
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To calibrate the system in the plane of coplanar probes, LRRM calibration (LINE, REFLECT, REFLECT, MATCH) [26], as well as coplanar standards (Cascade Microtech ISS 101-190), have been used.
Standard Line-Reflect-Reflect-Match (LRRM) methods were used for calibration of the network analyser.
Since it is not required to connect standards between orthogonal probes, this procedure allows on-wafer multiport measurements to be corrected by any standard two-port calibration, including SOLT, line-reflect-match (LRM) and line-reflect-reflect-match (LRRM), plus the most accurate on-wafer calibration, multiline TRL.
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At each temperature, the system was recalibrated using LRRM calibrations with automatic load inductance correction.|2~ This load inductance compensates for the micron-level misplacement of the probes on the standards to obtain the correct reference reactance.
An optional software module enables automatic calibrations using LRM, LRRM or SOLT routines.