LRRNTLeucine Rich Repeat N-Terminal
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The domain abbreviations used in the text are for laminin G or laminin G/neurexin/sex hormone binding globulin or LNS domains (L); epidermal growth factor repeat (EGF); coagulation factor 5/8 type C (F58C); fibrinogen-like (FBG); extracellular cadherin (EC); alpha/beta ([alpha]/[beta]); immunoglobulin (Ig); Toll/Il-1 receptor homology (TIR); meprin, A-5 protein, receptor protein tyrosine phosphatase mu (MAM); fibronectin type 3 (FN), protein tyrosine phosphatase (PTP); leucine rich repeat (LRR), N-terminal leucine rich repeat (LRRNT); C-terminal leucine rich repeat (LRRCT); galactose binding lectin domain (LEC); olfactomedin-like domain (OLF); hormone binding domain (HBD); GPCR- autoproteolysis inducing (GAIN); thrombospondin (TSP).
The LRR solenoid-like structure of these receptors contains internal cysteine-rich capping LRRs (Pfam: LRRNT and LRRCT).