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LRRPLong-Range Reconnaissance Patrol
LRRPLong Range Recce Patrol (gaming clan; Belgium)
LRRPLand Reform and Resettlement Programme (Zimbabwe)
LRRPLocation Request and Response Protocol
LRRPLatino Reproductive Rights Project
LRRPLaparoscopic Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy (urology)
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* Prohibit EPA from expanding LRRP to commercial and public buildings until at least one year after the agency conducts a study demonstrating the need for such an action;
The LRRP Rule does not apply to individual homeowner renovations (LRRP, 2008).
No federal regulations, including the LRRP Rule, prohibit the sale of building rubble and salvage with lead-based paint to salvage yards, junk shops or antiques stores, or their reuse by consumers.
The LRRP applies to homes constructed before 1978 when lead paint was banned.
Haslip opened a package of dehydrated LRRP rations--pork with scalloped potatoes--added some water from one of his six canteens, stirred it up and placed it on the rocks in front of him.
In addition to his writing, the former LRRP has become an agent for some writers who are trying to get their works published.
El material estudiado fue depositado en la Colecao Entomologica do LSBPP (LRRP).
24,848) titled "Lead: Renovation, Repair, and Painting (LRRP) Program for Public and Commercial Buildings." IREM, in conjunction with other real estate groups, responded to the ANPR and reminded EPA that they are required to complete a "congressionally-mandated study of RRP activities in commercial and public buildings and the extent to which they create lead-based paint hazards before it can proceed with any regulations." Studies to date have been undertaken almost exclusively in residential settings.
Environmental Protection Agency's "Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (LRRP)." The rule, approved April 22, 2008, would affect up to 250,000 contractors from a variety of trades.
Rottman is a retired master sergeant with active Special Forces, National Guard airborne infantry and LRRP, and Army Reserve Military Intelligence experience.
Larson (515) 696-5708 1st Inf Div, F Co, 52nd Inf LRRP, I Co, 75th Ranger: Dennis McLaughlin (831) 637-0292 1st Inf Div LRRPs/LRPs (D Trp, Y4 Cav, HQ HQ Co LRRPs, F/52nd Inf & 1/75 Rangers: Robert "Paul" Eisner (570) 587-9161 1st Ord Prov Recov & Evac Pltn (WWII)/881st Ord Co/Maint Co (1943-66): Richard Schildbach (763) 370-2707 204th AAA (AW) Bn (WWII): Alton T.
Small packets of CS1 and CS2 were used by long-range reconnaissance patrols (LRRPs).