LRRPSLong Range Requirements Planning System
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If the percentage of interest categories here were applied, let's say, to my numbers, just for the sake of illustration, 50,000 would have been snipers, 50,000 would have been SEALS, 50,000 would have been Special Forces, 50,000 would have been Marine Force Recon, and 50,000 would have been Army LRRPs. The 100,000 left over would all have been either marines or members of the First Cavalry and/or 101st Airborne Divisions, except for maybe two helicopter pilots and a medic (Beidler 246).
Continues Linderer, "My ultimate goal is to have a movie made about the LRRPs' important role during the war.
This was a Long Range Reconnaisance Patrol (LRRP) unit.
In addition to his writing, the former LRRP has become an agent for some writers who are trying to get their works published.
In his book on the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols (LRRPs) of Vietnam, Michael Lee Lanning relates the history of the Ranger concept from its origins.
These soldiers also were known as "LRRPs" or "LRPs." In Vietnam, the Lurps were an all-volunteer force derived mainly from the Army's airborne units.
Larson (515) 696-5708 1st Inf Div, F Co, 52nd Inf LRRP, I Co, 75th Ranger: Dennis McLaughlin (831) 637-0292 1st Inf Div LRRPs/LRPs (D Trp, Y4 Cav, HQ HQ Co LRRPs, F/52nd Inf & 1/75 Rangers: Robert "Paul" Eisner (570) 587-9161 1st Ord Prov Recov & Evac Pltn (WWII)/881st Ord Co/Maint Co (1943-66): Richard Schildbach (763) 370-2707 204th AAA (AW) Bn (WWII): Alton T.
At the same time, both remain notable for paucity of reference, particularly in accounts of the American War, to South Vietnamese fighting forces, officially designated RVNAF (Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces)--and including everything from conventional army, navy, air force, marines, and a host of irregular or militia formations--RF, PF, village self-defense forces, to myriad other special operations units--not surprisingly--mirroring American counterparts--Airborne, Rangers, Commandos, LRRPs, Swift Boat, Search and Rescue, Phoenix assassination, Black Ops.