LRRSLoudon Road Racing Series (Crystal River, FL)
LRRSLong-Range Radar Station
LRRSLow Riser Return System (offshore drilling method)
LRRSLifer Review and Recall Section (prison and justice system; UK)
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1]) is employed for the composition calculation, there is good agreement between the composition obtained by LRRS and by NMR spectroscopy (Fig.
Here we compare different approaches to determine which one is the best to follow conversion and composition in the microemulsion copolymerization of St and MMA using LRRS.
This is an inconvenience of using LRRS since this overlap does not occur when a high resolution Raman spectrometer is employed (15).
2), the MMA vinyl peak is well resolved and its area can be measured using the Integration-Upper-Part method even when LRRS is used (15).