LRSALehigh River Stocking Association (Pennsylvania)
LRSALinezolid-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
LRSALegacy Registration Services Agreement (American Registry for Internet Numbers)
LRSALegal Resources for Social Action
LRSALong Range Strike Aircraft (US Air Force)
LRSALimited Road Service Area (various locations)
LRSALearning Resources for Student-Athletes (Boston College; Chestnut Hill, MA)
LRSALakewood Ranch Swim Association (Florida)
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(89) Those entities that have signed ARIN's LRSA are contractually bound to follow ARIN policies, but what about those legacy address holders with no such contract?
(177) This would be a distinct change from ARIN's current policy, which forces the purchasers of legacy addresses who wish to register them with ARIN to agree to their LRSA or RSA.
(70.) Order Authorizing and Approving the Sale, at 8 ("For the avoidance of doubt, the Order shall not affect the LRSA and the purchaser's rights in the Internet Numbers transferred pursuant to this Order shall be subject to the terms of the LRSA.").
Rubi, supra note 8 at 494 (Some courts have called contracts such as ARIN's LRSA and RSA "illusory contracts]" because they can be modified or revoked without notice or consent.).
(94.) See Understanding Legacy Registration Services Agreement (LRSA) Ver 3.0, (last visited Jan.
Nortel recognized this view in a bankruptcy sale of assets where ARIN secured an LRSA with the eventual buyer.
(154) See Lovett, supra note 103, at 787 (describing the extensive activities permitted under the LRSA).
Out of the 108 strains of Staphylococcus aureus, 32 (29.6%] were MRSA, 9 (8.33%] were VRSA and 4 (3.70%] were LRSA by disc diffusion method.
By the agar dilution method, 10.2%> of Staphylococcus aureus were VISA, 3.7% were VRSA and 1.9% were LRSA. The disc diffusion method; however, detected more number of VRSA 8.3%o cases and LRSA 3.7%, which were probably false positives.
On the other hand, very high rate of LRSA isolation was reported from Nagpur, in which 23.5% of their Staphylococcus aureus strains were LRSA as compared to 1.9% in the present study.
Notably all VRSA and LRSA were isolated from indoor patients, none being community associated, a clear indication that these strains develop in hospital settings under high antibiotic pressure.
The two strains of LRSA were resistant to amoxicillin, cefotaxime, cefoxitin, cefuroxime, teicoplanin and vancomycin and sensitive to amikacin and imipenem.