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LRSCLake Region State College (North Dakota)
LRSCLong Range Signaling and Control (IBM)
LRSCLicense Renewal Support Center (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction)
LRSCLong Range Surveillance Company
LRSCLyme Regis Sailing Club (UK)
LRSCLarge River Studies Center (Winona State University; Winona, MN)
LRSCLong Run Supply Curve
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The fact that models with unmeasured third variables, that is, either unstable occasion factors or LRSC factors that may change over time to some degree, fit better than baseline models without unmeasured third variables suggests that third variable explanations apply in the present study.
In the model with LRSC factors and 2-year lagged effects of stressors on irritation, the standardized effects of stressors on irritation are between .
The LRSC TOC needed to be in proximity to the TF TOC and have access to a large open space to serve as an antenna field.
It was critical to the overall success of the unit because it provided for training tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) with important elements of TF Falcon on some of the very terrain on which the LRSC would be operating.
Initiating the development of a focused intelligence database, geared specifically to the requirements of the LRSC, established a solid working relationship between the analysts of E Company and the TF Falcon analysis and control element (ACE).
After several intense Battalion IPRs, a scheduled five-day field training exercise (FTX), and a block-leave period, LRSC was ready to deploy.
Furthermore, it should validate planning and synchronizing the TF Falcon staff in order to support the LRSC with aviation, fire support, a QRF, and C [2].