LRSHLittle Red School House
LRSHLissamine Rhodamine B Sulfonyl Hydrazine (fluorophore)
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The need to evaluate local effects in LRSH models is also inspirited by the earlier results presented in Table 1 and Figures 2, 3 and 4.
Profile of quasi-ellipsoid is originally calculated by LRSH approximation using Eq.
Contribution of the local particle shape occurred due to LRSH description is demonstrated by solving the normal contact of the above oblate ellipsoid with a plane plate.
Summarising contact experiment it could be stated that LRSH could be used for large variety of quasi-quadric shapes.
A semi-analytical approach based on the low-resolution spherical harmonics (LRSH) technique limited with the expansion degree L [less than or equal to] 3 was elaborated.