LRSLLow-Rate Shannon Limit
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CTZ: chlorothiazide; LRSL: low renal solute load formula.
TABLE 1: Summary of cases of central diabetes insipidus in infancy Author Age at Cause of DI Treatment diagnosis in days Rivkees Early N/A BM or LRSL + et al., infancy free water + CTZ 5 infants Abraham <7 Septooptic LRSL + HCTZ et al.
AUGMENTED DICKEY-FULLER TESTS FOR UNIT ROOT (Sample 1952.4-1990.1) Variable 1st Difference 2nd Difference In Household Real M1 (LRH) -2.11 -7.77(**) In Business Real M1 (LRB) -1.03 -8.95(**) In State and Local Government Real M1 (LRSL) -1.76 -9.79(**) Financial M1 (FIN) 0.95 -7.82(**) In Real Disposable Personal Income (LRDPI) -1.84 -6.14(**) In Real GNP (LRGNP) -2.69 -6.67(**) In Real State and Local Government Expenditures (LRSLX) -1.34 -4.68(**) Deposits (DEP) 0.91 -9.36(**) In 3-month Treasury Bill Rate (LTB3) -2.84 -6.34(**) 3-month Treasury Bill Rate (TB3) -2.73 -4.45(**) Note: (**) Rejects null hypothesis of unit root at 1 percent level of confidence.