LRSOLong Range Stand Off (weapon)
LRSOLakes Region Symphony Orchestra (Meredith, NH)
LRSOLocal Radiation Safety Officer
LRSOLaser Range Safety Officer
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The Air Force is also developing two nuclear weapons for aircraft: the LRSO cruise missile to replace the AGM-86, which will reach end-of-life about 2030, and the B61-12 guided bomb.
Emerging capabilities such as the LRSB, LRSO, and VPM duplicate the strike capabilities of the CSG at lower cost and higher survivability, reducing the requirement for carriers and freeing their escorts to fight as independent squadrons of surface combatants.
Today's ALCM, which will age out in the next decade, must be replaced on schedule by the follow-on LRSO.
Joan Rohlfing, president of the Nuclear Threat Initiative and former senior adviser for national security to the secretary of energy, noted that the LRSO program is projected to cost about $25 billion.
First notice from Equations 6 and 7 that t,s must meet the conditions of Proposition 1 for an LRSO. To complete the proof, one must show that t = [t.sup.*] and s = [s.sup.*] will not satisfy Equation 11 for [a.sup.*],[y.sup.*], [n.sup.*].
It would also be desirable to evaluate trades between bombers and ballistic missiles, but such trades were not considered because of uncertainty about weapon loads for the B-21 bomber and about the number of LRSO cruise missiles carried by the B-2 and the B-52.
The Air Force recently awarded technology maturation and risk reduction contracts for LRSO to Lockheed Martin and Raytheon.
In the same way, the LRSO may be expected to have an intermediate range comparable to the current air-launched cruise missile (ALCM-B) and retired Advanced Cruise Missile.
(69) The Service should also begin studying solutions for an aircraft-delivered EMP weapon compatible with the new bomber and should seek to accelerate development of the LRSO cruise missile while ensuring it is compatible with future low-yield nuclear weapons.
In the FY2015 budget request, DOD indicates that the plans for the LRSO missile have slipped by three years.
Papum Pare Deputy Commissioner Pige Ligu along with LRSO Techi Hitlar joined the Northeast Frontier Railways Chief Engineer S C Rajak, Deputy CE T.T Bhutia and EE A K Sharma at Harmutty before the engine began its maiden journey to state capital up to Naharlagun railway station.
From left are Brandt Dennison, LRSO chairman of the board; Kenda Corcoran, LRSO oboe player and chairman of the competition committee; Dave Thorpe, LRSO board member and treasurer; Vickie Routhier, the bank's director of marketing and public relations; and Evelyn Miller, LRSO violin player and board member.