LRSOLakes Region Symphony Orchestra (Meredith, NH)
LRSOLocal Radiation Safety Officer
LRSOLaser Range Safety Officer
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The Air Force recently awarded technology maturation and risk reduction contracts for LRSO to Lockheed Martin and Raytheon.
Although survivability wouldn't be as much of a concern for the stealthy B-21, the aircraft would still benefit from the LRSO because it would give the planes the ability to attack multiple targets at once rather than having to fly over each individual target to drop gravity bombs, Hyten noted.
In addition, the United States should retain the ability to deploy nuclear-capable bombers in the region and demonstrate the capability for stand-off attack with stealthy delivery systems such as the LRSO.
69) The Service should also begin studying solutions for an aircraft-delivered EMP weapon compatible with the new bomber and should seek to accelerate development of the LRSO cruise missile while ensuring it is compatible with future low-yield nuclear weapons.
It follows directly that the LRSO and LRCE coincide under a system of producer liability rules; thus, a producer liability rule leads to first-best resource allocations for both short-run and long-run competitive equilibria.
But some analysts question whether enough money will be available to fully fund the GBSD and LRSO programs down the road.
The challenge for the US Air Force, which seeks to replace the ALCM with the LRSO, is to effectively explain the role a nuclear-armed cruise missile plays in American nuclear strategy.
The cost of the LRSO in the big scheme of things is a very small part of the overall strategic deterrent budget," he added.
The LRSO will be a reliable, long-ranging and survivable weapon system and an absolutely essential element of the nuclear triad, Gen.
LRSO will provide the next generation strategic deterrent missile for the air-launched portion of the nuclear triad," said David Helsel, LRSO program director at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control.
The LRSO is expected to cost $20 billion-$30 billion.
The LRSO weapon will be developed to replace the aging AGM-86B air-launched cruise missile.