LRSPLivable Region Strategic Plan (Vancouver, Canada)
LRSPLong-Range Strategic Plan
LRSPLocked-in Retirement Savings Plan (Canada)
LRSPLong Range Security Program
LRSPLevofloxacin-Resistant Streptococcus Pneumoniae
LRSPLong Range Surveillance Patrol
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La LFSES contempla una serie de sanciones, que estan detalladas en la ley, asi como en la LRSP, para los sujetos de fiscalizacion que hayan incumplido con sus obligaciones.
The city of Surrey was chosen as a study area because its community plan addresses its dynamic growth in the context of the LRSP (City of Surrey 1996).
6, Up Asymmetric Mode and Down Asymmetric Mode are equivalent to LRSP when both the thicknesses of ARPC coating and metal slab are thinner and the metal/ARPC thickness ratio is 2:1.
3) 75 (70-85) Nursing home residence 14 (52%) 7 (13%) COPD 17 (63%) (c) 12 (22%) Nosocomial origin 18 (66%) 14 (26%) Interval from day of 7 (1-20) 1 (1-3) admission to isolation of LRSP (days) (b) No.
Acknowledgements I thank Julio Rotemberg and Neil Wallace for their comments on an earlier version of this article, seminar participants at Universite de Sherbrooke, LRSP.