LRSSLong Range Science Strategy (Cosmetics Europe)
LRSSLittle Rock Scripture Study (Arkansas)
LRSSLottery Random System Selection
LRSSLong-Range Survey System
LRSSLittoral and Riverine Survey Squadron (Australia)
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LRSS, LRSR, IPRSS and IPRSR have been obtained by means of the test Lists of Sentences in Brazilian Portuguese (LSP-BR) (19-21), consisting on a list of 25 sentences, seven other lists with 10 sentences and a noise in speech spectrum.
A limited number of studies have been conducted in low-resource settings (LRSs) to assess HPs' options of pain relief in labor.
Edmonton's transit system recruits and hires Aboriginal drivers for buses and LRSs and the ARO works in partnership with: the Alberta and federal governments to develop business training programs; with Oteenow, a First Nations and Inuit agency to provide employment services; and Nikaniw, the program that recruits and trains Aboriginal youth as swim instructors.
In April 2015, DRS announced it had been selected by GDLS-Canada to provide mast-mounted, long-range surveillance suites for the LRSS UP.
“Moreover, allowing LRSs to share data and transcripts with one another enables learners' records to follow them as they move organizations and provide people with 'personal data lockers'.”
As we reported for 1997, (7) and have confirmed repeatedly since, in this and other anticyclonic domains, all reddish ovals (LRSs) and some anticyclonic white ovals (AWOs) are methane-bright; some AWOs are not (at least, not at the resolution of amateur images).
Items 19-22 on our questionnaire are the two highest loading items from the occupational subscale of the LRSS ("It is important to me that I have a job/career in which I can achieve something of importance"), presented in then-and-now format.
(6) have used the new strain gauge technology to estimate residual stresses; their approach has been to use the traditional LRSS Method for preparation of samples, but substituting direct strain measurement for indirect strain calculations from measured curvatures.
LRSS. As noted, the LRSS consists of four scales, with each scale measuring two role characteristics: the value an individual places on a particular life role; and the degree of commitment the person has to it.