LRSSLittle Rock Scripture Study (Arkansas)
LRSSLottery Random System Selection
LRSSLong-Range Survey System
LRSSLittoral and Riverine Survey Squadron (Australia)
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In developing the system for LRSS, DRS partnered with Thales Canada, the prime contractor of the Canadian Army's tactical battle management system.
E importante salientar, que os LRSS e LRSR foram pesquisados apenas para servir de referencia para determinar a intensidade na qual seriam pesquisados os IPRSS e IPRSR.
The other two scales we used, LRSS and SOQ, both had ranges from 1 to 5.
6) have used the new strain gauge technology to estimate residual stresses; their approach has been to use the traditional LRSS Method for preparation of samples, but substituting direct strain measurement for indirect strain calculations from measured curvatures.
In addition to the occupational scale of the LRSS, respondents' work commitment was also gauged by means of the OCQ.
Como foi observada pela autora do material a existencia de uma diferenca de 7 dB entre a fala e o ruido (fala abaixo do ruido), adotou-se, como procedimento para o calculo do LRSS e LRSR, a subtracao de 7 dB dos valores de fala registrados e observados no dial do equipamento.
LRSS UP will acquire a system that produces digital information that can be fed into various Canadian Armed Forces networks.
Under the LRSS Program, the company and the government will jointly lead a competitive procurement process for a new surveillance suite, mast and operator control station.
Para a obtencao dos LRSS, IPRSS, LRSR e o IPRSR, foi utilizado o teste Listas de Sentencas em Portugues [13], o qual e constituido por uma lista de 25 sentencas, outras sete listas com 10 sentencas e um ruido com espectro de fala.